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Wherever you are on your smartphone, tablet or laptop you can still print by locating one of 30,000 ePRINTit Public Print Locations(1). Use the ePRINTit App the HP ePrint App or HP ePrint Enterprise App or download the ePRINTit™ Software print driver to find a location near you and print through the ePRINTit cloud.

St. Joseph Communications ePRINTit™ Public Print cloud service takes the following security measures with your content:

  • Documents are encrypted for transmission to and from the cloud(2)
  • Only you can retrieve the print job at the location with a unique retrieval code
  • Once printed, the print job is deleted from the cloud.

ePRINTit™ Public Print Locations include:

  • FedEx Office stores
  • The UPS Store locations
  • Many hotels, airline lounges, universities, public libraries and more (powered by PrinterOn)
For smartphones and tablets

Select an HP mobile app or software for your mobile device

The ePRINTit™, HP ePrint App, HP ePrint Enterprise App or HP ePrint Software include GPS capability to conveniently locate an ePRINTit™ Public Print Location nearby. With a link to maps, you can also get driving directions to the location if you are in an unfamiliar area.

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ePRINTit™ App

Allows printing to any ePRINTit™ location, in the office, university or on-the-go to an ePRINTit™ kiosk.

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Available now on Android. Coming Soon to iOS.

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HP ePRINTit™ App

Allows printing to an HP printer at home, in the office or on-the-go to an ePRINTit™ Public Print Location

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HP ePRINTit™ Enterprise App

  • Designed for use with the HP ePrint Enterprise managed mobile printing solution for businesses.
  • Compatible with many smartphones and tablets.
  • Enables printing to many brands of printers and MFPs in your business or on-the-go to an HP ePrint Public Print Location.

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For laptops & Windows® tablets:

ePRINTit™ Software

• Print to ePrint Public Print Locations from your Windows® or Mac laptop or Windows® tablet
• Print wirelessly at home or in the office over Wi-Fi or wireless direct
• See how to print with ePRINTit™ Software

Windows Driver
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Mac Driver
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